About Us


Black Sky Solutions is a black owned entity located in the heart of Johannesburg ,South Africa, comprising of talented individuals who posses vast IT knowledge in Product Design, Software Programming, Product Quality and Integration Testing and Deployment of various bespoke (custom) and off the shelve market solutions of different IT solution systems. No project is too big or too small for our teams. Our dedicated team of Developers and Engineers are available to assist you through the requirements gathering phase of your Product, Testing , Delivery and 24/7 after sales Support of your product.

Who We Are

We are the best in Mobile Applications Development, Website Design & Support, Bespoke Software Applications Development (Java , C++ ) , Web User Interface Design. Our technical teams are good in Hardware & Network Installations and setups.

Additionally, our Digital Marketing Department (K-Fakta) is able to monetize your brand via the use of online podcasts,  banner adverts or promotional video creations that can reach thousands of viewers in a short space of time.

Our Mission

Is to build great software products , creating opportunities that will help our customers reach their full potential and monetize their investments through trusting us.

We`re The Best Applications Developers Around.

Our vast knowledge in Web Development, Software Programming and Mobile Applications Design makes us the best choice our services  suits to any kind of businesses. You will love us!

Meet our dedicated Staff

Kevin Karanda

Web Developer & Integrator

Mobile: +27 84 578 8790

Email: kevin.karanda@blackskysolutions.co.za

Partson Mururi

Nelson Selisa

Team Lead (DevOps Engineer)

Mobile: +27 84 224 7063

Email: nelson.selisa@blackskysolutions.co.za

Our Popular Clients

Charles Auto Glass
Nkhondo Professional Services
Orange Door